Project Human Resource Management Knowledge Area | Chapter 9

The Project Human Resource Management knowledge area includes the four processes whose activities concerned with planning, forming, building, and managing the people working on the project.

Project Human Resource Management Processes

Project management is a mixture of hard, technical skills and soft skills.

Our technical skills are needed for tasks such as developing the WBS, schedule, and budget while we need our soft skills for activities that are predominantly people oriented.

Most of the project management activities we’ll perform in Project Human Resource Management will rely on our soft skills; interpersonal, leadership, motivational, negotiation, and conflict management.

Unlike our technical skills, it’s often harder for us to quantitatively determine whether we’re doing well, but the ultimate measure of success is an efficient, effective, and cohesive project team.

Developing a great project team takes concerted forethought, planning, and effort by the project manager and project management team, but it’s time well spent.

A project with a dysfunctional team is a dysfunctional project with an ineffective project manager, which is very likely to lead to an inefficient and poor quality product for the customer.

Both the project manager and project management team need to be well versed in organizational theories and best practices.

The ones presented in this chapter are what we’re likely to encounter on the PMP exam.

Some sections into this chapter contain expanded information, such as those on team formation, leadership, and negotiating, and are provided to help us become better project managers, but we're not likely to encounter any difficult questions relating to those topics on the PMP examination.

This chapter includes:

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