Project Communications Management Knowledge Area | Chapter 10

Project Communications Management includes the activities that generate, collect, distribute, formulate, store, and retrieve project communications.

An effective project communication strategy not only increases the chances of project success, but it makes the project more efficient and creates a better experience by:

  • Keeping stakeholders, customers, vendors, management, and the project team actively engaged in and informed about the project.
  • Facilitating issue identification and resolution through exposure of information.
  • Helping to foster greater teamwork by eliminating project silos.
  • Leading to better decisions through greater involvement and awareness.
  • Generating commitment and enthusiasm for the project.
Project Communications Management Processes

The Processes in Project Communications Management are:

The goal of project communication is to effectively transfer the right amount of information, such as scope, budget, schedule, risks, issues, and forecasts, to the right people, in the right format, and at the right time.

Project communication occurs in many formats and involves everyone on the project, and is at the heart of all project activities.

It's commonly estimated that a project manager will spend up to 90% of his or her time communicating with others on the project, and communication failures and breakdowns have traditionally been the number one cause of project failure.

This chapter will cover following topics:

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