1.4 Enterprise Environmental Factors in Project Management

Enterprise Environmental are most often outside the project manager’s control, but it’s important for us to be aware of these and how they’ll impact our approach, planning, and execution of the project.

Enterprise Environmental Factors

Enterprise Environmental Factors

Many of these items will also be identified as constraints during the planning processes since they’ll restrict what options are available to the project.

Cultural and Social:

The culture and social environment of the people involved needs to be understood.

This includes the economic, demographic, educational, ethnic, religious, and any other important characteristics of the stakeholders.

All of these factors can have a bearing on how the project is approached, what alternatives are available for consideration, the work schedule, the risks involved, the depth of the communication needs, and what stakeholder issues might need to be managed.

International and Political:

The customs and regional laws where work is being performed or where the project will have impacts need to be known.

If applicable to the project this would include local or regional laws and political climate.

Time zone differences and holidays have been mentioned previously, but other factors could be the communication and travel logistics, work schedules, and technical infrastructure.

Physical Environment:

If the project will have an impact on the physical surroundings, the project manager and team members will need to know about the local ecology, geography, and environmental concerns.

This is especially true if the project is likely to encounter stakeholder opposition or will face environmental regulatory concerns.

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