Developing a Systems Strategy – Business Management

When we look at why businesses don’t work there are a variety of independent reasons typically that are pointed to as the reason.

After working with a number of businesses what I would like to suggest is that at the heart of this is the basic lack of a system for actually doing all of the strategic work that leads to the tactical systems.

In other words, most business owners really don’t know how to work on their business to develop an effective way of getting the work done.

What I would like to show you is that you can create a strategy for developing your business. I’ll call it a systems strategy, or a strategy for developing systems.

What you need to develop are systems in 7 key areas of your business: Leadership, Marketing, Money, Management, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and Client Fulfillment.

Leadership, you need to have a system for developing not just as a leader but also the creation, communication, and measuring of the vision for the organization.

Marketing, money and management, the three essential business functions or strategies necessary for the operation of the business.

You should have a system for developing a marketing strategy a financial strategy and an operations strategy. Without having an effective strategy for obtaining the vision the vision is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Lead generation, lead conversion and client fulfillment, the three essential business processes. You need to develop a system for taking your strategies and implementing them on how you actually do the work in the business as it relates to your clients.

So each element of your business can be further broken down into the elements of how you accomplish each task until you have documented the systems of your business.

Don’t forget that now that you have identified the areas that you should have systems, you need to look at the levels of systems that you should have.

For starters, you should have systems for how you create each of the systems that we have talked about.

Next, you should have operational systems.

Then you should have systems that monitor the systems to make sure that they are being done and that the performance is where it should be to achieve the stated result.

Lastly, you should have systems that explain how you change the systems. A documented procedure for how you implement new ideas, test them against the old way of doing it, deciding if the new way is better and then shifting the way you do it if it is.

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